Carpet Cleaning Service

While most people really like the carpeting in their home, they don’t like having to clean that carpeting, which is understandable due to the fact that most people lead busy lives and have limited free time.

No one wants to spend the little free time they have running to rent a carpet cleaning maching, buy the recommended carpet cleaning products and then come home and clean your carpeting with that rental machine that may not even function correctly and leave your carpeting less than clean.

With Farmingdale Carpet Cleaning you won’t have to run around renting equipment and buying cleaning products and will end up with the clean carpeting you want and deserve.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Our State of the Art Carpet Cleaning equipment is far superior to carpet cleaning machines offered for rent. Our State of the Art Steam Cleaners can reach that dirt down at the roots of your carpet fibers gently lifting it to the surface where the steam cleaners extractor draw it away leaving your carpeting clean. In addition our equipment is frequently inspected and well maintained to ensure that it functions like it is meant to function.

Our Organic Cleaning Products

If there are any spots, stains or odors in your carpeting that steam cleaning alone won’t remove our organic cleaning products certainly will. We use powerful green cleaners because they are highly effective at removing dirt, stains and odors yet, are safer for you, your children and your pets than chemical cleaners as our organic cleaners don’t give off any toxic fumes or leave behind any chemical residue. .

Our Trained Technicians

No matter how powerful our state of the art cleaning equipment is or how well our organic cleaning products removes stains and odors they can’t do their job unless our carpet cleaning technicians know how to do their job, which is why we personally train every single one of our cleaning technicians. .

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are proud to be able to offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services, so whether you have a one room apartment, a large single family home, a business with carpeting or manage an apartment building we can clean your carpeting. .

What Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Service Worth Using

We firmly believe that our carpet cleaning service can give you the results you want with very little effort on your part. The key to our success is do to the fact, that we treat your carpeting like we treat our own.

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